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How many flavors does Pu erh tea have?

In the period of planned economy Pu’er Tea areas are not many, is not complicated, mainly in Hongkong, bianxiaocha supply Tibet, Hongkong main supply of ripe tea, then tea is the definition of Pu’er Tea, the taste is not complicated, level are mainly coarse raw materials for the structure, is mainly to the loose tea category so. The taste can be said to be a tea factory in Menghai is nothing more than a little expensive, the 6 remaining manufacturers a little cheaper, more expensive one is based the appropriate degree of fermentation.
Now the market Pu’er Tea complex definition Pu’er Tea also changed, of course, this definition is expected to change, but may not affect the understanding of the market.
The complex is also selling flavors such as a piece of 7542, the myriads of changes, the master hand is called “88 green”, ordinary people called “cake”, which is made of two kinds of tea, but in fact, because the store is not the same, the temperature and humidity of storage locations are not the same, don’t bring the taste of the district as the formation of a variety of flavors, even two.
These complex result is known for Pu’er Tea does not accept the tea is not the same, a lot of people by Green Tea and Puer tea, jasmine tea and the puer tea, so tea leaves are green soup requirements, soup yellow leaves, the traditional areas are still red soup and red leaves, which also brought the differences between the two categories taste.
Now the era of personalized, personalized features which shift to choice of tea, taste, and mountain tea flourished, which brings complicated taste. The characteristic of personalized times is that no matter how the tea is divided, the whole is unified under “Puer tea”.

Pu’er tea trees in the end how many trees?

1, the Millennium wild tea tree (before the Tang Dynasty or before the Tang Dynasty, more than 1000 years):
A: ancient wild forest in the wild tea, usually DBH 50cm, chest 160cm, tree height 15m or more, tree age over a thousand years, extremely rare.
B: large, robust leaves, bulging leaves, serrated leaves, and a pair of veins between 9~16 pairs are quite different from those of large leaves planted in modern tea plantations (between 6-9 pairs).
C: with a high degree of tenderness, a bud two leaves, usually heavy 0.5~1g, three times the average old tea.
D: the green and green tea, the soup color, the green yellow, the aroma is refreshing, with the peculiar smell of wild tea. It is different from the cultivated tea aroma. The water soluble pectin is rich and almost has no bitter taste.
2, wild amplification of tea (Song Dynasty tree 500~1000 years):
A: Yunnan tea area of minority farmers, the tree height is 5m, the ancient tea cultivated to picking tea called big, big tea is generally the most old age of tea trees or is the largest tea king.
B: under normal circumstances, big tea tree at breast height 30~50cm, chest 100~160cm, tree height 5~15m or so, the tree age is more than 500~1000 years.
C: the green tea made of large tea shoots is called “big tree tea”.
3, the original ecological tea tree (Ming Dynasty tree 300~500):
A: most of the diameter at 10~35cm, chest 35~110cm, tree height 3~6m, more trees in three hundred or four hundred years.
B: because the surface plants have not been removed, the tea garden has a good ecological environment. Although the trees are very old, the tea tree shows no signs of aging.
C: the green sun Green Tea, shoots stout, between most of the veins 9~16, pectin rich, taste sweet, bitter and astringent, bitter feeling in the mouth for a very short time, about a few seconds.

What kind of Pu’er tea can be called “old tea”?”

Everyone who falls in love with Pu’er tea will have a good dream about Pu’er old tea, but Pu’er tea is not easy to get.
Then, what kind of Pu’er tea can be called old tea?
This problem is controversial, many people first use years to define old tea:
Definition of old tea
Some people believe that 5 to 10 years of storage can be called old tea, while others think it must be more than 10 years of Pu’er tea can be called “old tea”, while others believe that more than seven or eight years can also be called “old tea”. Struggling for a long time, but also for a long time, but how many years can be called old tea, always inconclusive, the only sure is that the “old tea” needs a certain year. But for years, the older the better Pu’er Tea, should be regarded as a necessary condition for the transformation, that is to say a judge whether it is an old tea tea, time is not the decisive factor, mainly depends on the effect after transformation.
Therefore, we may understand this: how many years did not reach the tea can be called “old tea”, mainly to see the tea after a certain year, to achieve the “old tea” should have the condition, various factors in tea processing, storage conditions and so on based on the transformation effect of tea also it is not the same, so in this case, we can not simply in a year to determine whether it is an old tea tea, also should consider the following aspects:

The different shape of the Pu’er Tea tea, you have seen several

As a special tea, Pu’er tea has many special characteristics, such as “can drink antique”, both “quality drink” collection value, and then “finished tea”, “cooked tea” and “cooked”, but the flavor is completely different……
In fact, Pu’er tea in modeling is also unique, and today we together with a wave of Pu’er tea “wonderful” shape!
Classic modeling: cake, brick, Tuo

Pu erh tea industry previously circulated “a cake two bricks, three Tuo scattered” argument, this is because in the past, good raw materials are used to pressure cakes first, so Pu’er tea is particularly popular with people. But nowadays all kinds of shapes have high quality tea, so they don’t talk about quality any more.
Cake tea can be said to be the most common form of Pu’er tea, 357g is the most common cake, tea specifications, Pu’er tea into cakes, not only conducive to transport, storage is also more convenient!
Brick tea, also called autoclaved tea, as the name suggests, is shaped like a brick tea. Tea shape smooth, four edge clear, uniform thickness, is compressed in a more representative!

Pu’er tea, a world-famous brand

If tea is the best drink given to mankind by heaven, then Pu’er tea is a brand that Yunnan offers to the world.
Now, as long as the tea is mentioned in Yunnan, it is very natural to associate it with Pu’er tea. Originally, in the four district of Yunnan traditional tea, in addition to Pu’er Tea District, Jingdong tea area remaining, double, Burma tea, Zhaotong tea area has good quality tea production. Mr. Jiang Quan once studied, in Ming Dynasty, besides Pu’er tea, there are twelve kinds of tea, such as Yongning tea, Yang Zong tea, Jin Cha tea, Wuhua tea and WAN Cha tea in Yunnan. Mr Huang Yizheng’s 1591 series of notes of “things purple bead” mentioned in the Yunnan tea had tea, tea, Gantong Taiping Yang Zong tea, Guangxi tea, tea and tea Wan Dian gold teeth. Among them, “Taiping tea”, “synesthesia tea” and “Puer tea” are called “three famous tea” in Yunnan. “Hai Yu Heng Dian Chi” also said: “Shun Ning Taiping tea, like the three Spring Snail Xirun, can become, especially taste; Dali Gantong Temple Taiping Temple tea tea, the provincial capital, but not more than Pu sheng.”

The problem is that for hundreds of years, why only Pu’er Tea is one of the most prominent, bright stars, and eventually become a famous brand reputation in the world, and other kinds of tea is declining, hidden in the Pu’er Tea dazzling aura?
There are only two words to answer this question: quality!

Is a cup of incense a decisive factor in good tea?

In the quality of drinking Pu’er tea, in addition to the taste of tea, the aroma is also used to judge the quality of tea is one of the important criteria. Pu’er Tea aroma: jujube, spearmint, honey, fruit, lotus, because each human perception of odor and the ability to accept is not the same, the same kind of tea, some people feel the aroma, people will feel more light.

In the brewing Pu’er Tea, to run after the tea tea used to hot cup can remove the odor, pour tea first before we can feel the aroma of tea cup, also has a special aroma cup to feeling tea. Usually we leave the aroma on the cup called “hang the cup””.
According to the different ways of tea and brewing, hanging cup fragrance can be divided into hot and cold cup cup of fragrant incense, the fragrance of high and lasting fragrance, calm and indistinct. There is no scientific research to show why some tea is sweet in hot cup, some tea is just the opposite, some tea is hot cup and fragrant, cold cup is fragrant.
Many people have the habit of smelling the cup, the same tea sometimes feel that the aroma is obvious, sometimes not too much feeling. This is the tea and we have a certain relationship, from the material point of view, if the choice of Shahu, Zisha Cup of tea, tea utensils aroma will be used by the adsorption of a large part of ordinary porcelain and glass pot is not. Some cups fragrant incense and poly effect is good, such as the cup, the cup body small deep cup hanging cup will obviously some incense.
Tea aroma is decided by aromatic substances in the same mountain tea aroma in different seasons are different, from picking fresh leaves to manufacture, aromatic substances with the change of temperature in chemical reactions and produce aroma. Pu’er Tea is post fermented tea, in the fixing process of fresh leaf enzyme is passive rather than kill again after rolling, the sun, the retention of aromatic substances and enzyme activity, only in the late drink characteristics gets better.
There is no direct connection between the taste of the cup and the taste of the tea. The aroma of the tea is not necessarily good. Although some tea leaves are not very clear, the taste of tea is full of stamina. If the pursuit of hanging too fragrant, but will miss good tea, should be combined with the cable, soup color, taste, leaf bottom and other comprehensive judgments.

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